WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28, 8:30 - 2:00PM PT

We are pleased to announce the inaugural Advanced Building Construction Summit. Hosted by the Advanced Building Construction Collaborative, the event will focus on the technologies and business models needed to bring the U.S. construction sector into a decarbonized, affordable, digital and highly productive era. Industry stakeholders are invited to attend this free, online event on April 28th.

Meet industry experts from the private and public sectors as they present experiences, trends, and best practices needed for construction to become higher performance while maintaining affordability.

What we will cover:

  • Introduction and overview of the ABC Collaborative
  • ABC innovation in the U.S. and beyond
  • Looking ahead: what to expect as demand for ABC grows
  • How you can get involved

Who should attend?

  • Building and portfolio owners
  • Real estate developers and asset managers
  • AEC principals, executives, and managers
  • General contractors
  • Fabricators, manufacturers and suppliers
  • Investors and finance professionals
  • Government officials and policymakers
  • Industry and trade association representatives
  • Building technology and construction researchers
  • Other industry service providers

Additional Information:

Considering both new construction and retrofits, we’ll explore the many potential benefits of advanced building construction (ABC)—for AEC professionals and businesses, building owners and users, and our nation—benefits that include building decarbonization, rapid deployment, improved health and safety, desirable aesthetics, and long-term financial viability. Learn how high-performance, low-carbon products and technologies are already starting to transform U.S. buildings.

Savvy builders and owners know that the construction industry must modernize and become more industrialized to remain competitive. We’ll introduce the ABC Collaborative and show how it is bringing industry stakeholders together to facilitate this market transformation.

  • Explore current examples of ABC projects, including how retrofits are enabling existing multifamily buildings to provide families with healthier, resilient and more energy-efficient homes.
  • Find out how, as demand for more sustainable buildings grows and the construction sector becomes increasingly globalized, ABC methods can keep U.S. builders competitive.
  • Hear about the innovative projects that are already underway here in the U.S. and what we can learn from cutting-edge European building innovators.

Visit to register.