What is "advanced building construction (ABC)"?

Advanced building construction, or ABC, refers to innovative retrofit and new construction solutions that combine energy-efficient building decarbonization and streamlined industrialized construction. ABC solutions may include technologies, processes, and business or delivery models. ABC offers carbon and energy reductions, superior comfort, resilience, fast deployment, and other potential co-benefits.

Who is behind the ABC Collaborative?

The ABC Collaborative is administered by Rocky Mountain Institute, ADL Ventures, Passive House Institute US, Association for Energy Affordability and VEIC with support from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Can my organization become a member?

A Collaborative team member can answer your questions about membership. Please use the Contact Us form to reach out, and a specialist will be in touch.

Does the Collaborative extend beyond the U.S.?

At this time, the Collaborative is focusing on the U.S market.

Does the Collaborative offer training?

The Collaborative team is currently assessing the need for professional and technical training and anticipates making educational materials, tools, and/or programs available that will help increase the industry's ABC capabilities.

What is industrialized construction?

Industrialized construction, or IC, is a general term for applying modern manufacturing methods, tools, and practices to construction. This can include, but is not limited to, off-site construction manufacturing in a controlled environment, volume production of standard components, use of digital tools and digitized workflows, automation and robotics, and feedback learning loops for regular process and design improvements.

I’m not a construction company, can I still join the Collaborative?

All members of the building construction industry are welcome to participate in the Collaborative. We need the voices of builders, suppliers, trades, financiers, and insurers to achieve the goal.

What parts of the building sector does the Collaborative cover?

The Collaborative covers both new construction and retrofits of existing buildings in the commercial, residential, governmental, and institutional segments.