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The Collaborative seeks visionary and relentless partners dedicated to the advancement of building construction, building performance, and the overall quality of the built environment. A variety of benefits are available to members, who fall into one of the four stakeholder categories: Demand, Supply, Research and Development, Market Enablers.


Building owners and developers in the single-family, multifamily, government and institutions, and commercial market segments can be found in the Demand category. As members of the ABC Collaborative, building owners and developers will:

  • receive support in deploying high-quality buildings reliably, on schedule, and with overall savings,
  • respond to proposals from complete teams to deliver high-performance buildings and building retrofits according to required specifications,
  • gain access to vetted suppliers and service providers, as well as potentially streamlined financing and insurance,
  • and potentially bundle purchasing with other ABC members to improve pricing and reduce transaction costs.

Not only do stakeholders in the Demand category influence the requirements of new buildings and retrofit projects, they also are the ultimate consumer that drives transactions across the entire construction value chain.


The Supply category is comprised of builders, fabricators, product suppliers, material suppliers, trades and labor, as well as design and engineering professionals. As members of the ABC Collaborative, the following types of suppliers will realize these benefits:

Access to deal flow. Tools and best practices to develop and run fabrication lines and partner with a set of complementary suppliers to win business from Demand stakeholders. Access to systems/packages that their products and components fit into. A fully integrated roadmap to becoming globally competitive.

Product/Material Suppliers or Manufacturers
Access to deal flow and streamlined selling at scale into major building projects to grow revenue more cost-effectively. Assistance and collaboration in developing the next generation of building materials and products required for advanced construction.

General Contractors/Site Construction Services
Access to deal flow as well as critical tools, best practices and support necessary for general contractors to grow and reposition their businesses. Opportunities to capture the significant benefits offered by industrialized construction, integrated delivery models, and other key ABC trends.

Start-Up Fabricators/Manufacturers
Access to a visible platform with established industry framework (e.g., product market fit) and support resources, showcasing their solutions to relevant problems for which there is proven demand. Launch company with minimized financial dilution and time, as well as a standard mechanism to engage financial and strategic partners.

Design and Engineering Services
Access to deal flow. Open-source knowledge and updates to keep service offerings up to date with digitization and industrialization. Off-the-shelf training programs, access to project teams and industry exposure. Early knowledge of new technological developments and trends.

Market Enablers

Government agencies, financial services, trade associations, accrediting/ testing bodies, utilities, and philanthropic organizations make up the Market Enabler category.ABC Collaborative members who are market enablers will benefit in the following ways:

Tools to ensure affordable, safe, and sustainable building development. Guidance and expertise on developing effective codes suitable for their specific climate zone and geography that will allow them to reap specific benefits from ABC technologies and practices.

Insurers / Risk Managers
Access to deal flow and comprehensive data on the project and supplier landscape in order to responsibly and safely underwrite new policies, develop new insurance products for advanced construction, and expand sales and visibility.

Access to deal flow and all and comprehensive data on the project and supplier landscape to efficiently and responsibly provide financing to advanced builders based not only on their credit worthiness but their product quality and track record. Positive brand value through alignment with ABC mission.

Investors / VCs
The Collaborative helps address the current challenge of investing in advanced construction: finding start-ups with a feasible path to integrate their technology with existing industry frameworks / products. Find innovative investment opportunities connected to high-value market sector and connect with customers, scale-up partners, and co-investment or M&A partners.

Governments & Foundations
Increased impact in targeted mission areas of their choice. The ABC Collaborative will provide increased visibility on the impact of specific organizations and projects to enhance these funders’ datasets for decision-making. ABC projects and technical thought leadership activities will also inform potential future government solicitations. Structured input from industry to inform policy. An outlet for effectively advancing mission.

Through the Collaborative, ability to bring the value chain together and level the playing field through developing open-source packages for broad industry benefit. This approach provides software developers with industry access, which in turn leads to faster and more highly optimized products.

Research & Development

National labs, NGOs, universities, and technical schools make up the R & D category. As members of the ABC Collaborative, R & D stakeholders will:

  • better fulfill research and training missions,
  • promote their work as ABC’s “Problem Solvers,”
  • and connect with potential sources of funding and in-kind support.

We invite you to contact us and talk to one of our founding team members about the benefits of joining the ABC Collaborative.

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