Advanced Building Construction Collaborative

The construction sector is on the precipice of a major transformation—including greater use of off-site, modular, and prefabrication technologies. At the same time there is pent up demand for high performance structures that are smart and integrate deep efficiency, low carbon, and resiliency.

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Advanced building construction ensures that new buildings and retrofits have superior comfort, resiliency and low carbon footprints, fast onsite construction timelines, are affordable to developers and consumers (i.e. lifetime value > lifetime cost) and are appealing to owners and occupants.

In support of these major trends the Advanced Building Construction (ABC) Collaborative brings together an array of building industry stakeholders to accelerate the mainstream adoption of innovative, high-performance construction. The ABC Collaborative is creating an accelerated pathway to cost-effective, high performance new and existing buildings at scale.

“Not only does the U.S. need to invest in research and development for modular in order to compete on a global scale, it also needs to invest in order to sustain innovation for future cities and to maintain the economy on a broader scale.”

— Forbes May 12, 2020

We invite you to contact us and talk to one of our founding team members about the benefits of joining the ABC Collaborative.

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