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The Advanced Building Construction (ABC) Collaborative brings together an array of building industry stakeholders to accelerate the mainstream adoption of innovative, high-performance construction. The ABC Collaborative is creating an accelerated pathway to cost-effective, high performance new and existing buildings at scale. The ABC Collaborative is administered by RMI, ADL Ventures, Passive House Institute US, Association for Energy Affordability and VEIC with support from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Secretary Granholm | ABC Summit | April 2021
Bill Bonvillian | ABC Convening | April 2021
Mark Chambers, R.A. | ABC Summit | April 2021
Robertson & Hocking, Nexii | ABC Summit | April 2021
Martha Campbell | ABC Summit | April 2021
City of Milwaukee | ABC Summit | April 2021
Chris Mahase | ABC Summit | April 2021
Research & Development Showcase
Research & Development Showcase Q&A
Chris Benedict, R.A. and Closing Remarks from the ABC Team | ABC Summit | April 2021
David Nemtzow | ABC Summit | April 2021
Inspiration from Industry Panel | ABC SUMMIT | April 2021

Inaugural ABC Summit & Collaborative Convening

In April of 2021, the Advanced Building Construction (ABC) Collaborative brought together a broad array of stakeholders to discuss the future of construction and buildings. Inspiring industry and public sector voices joined us to offer their thoughts and encouragement for ABC. These conversations highlight the human side of innovation in the buildings sector with a focus on health, resilience, workforce development, and scalable, sustainable solutions that will improve the way we build.

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